Can You Get Hospice Care in a Nursing Home?

Statistics show that 85% of end-of-life care costs are covered by insurance or various government organizations.

Coordinating end-of-life care is something that no one wants to do but is sometimes a requirement for a loved one that is nearing the end of their life.

What concerns do you have about end-of-life care options? Who can assist you during this challenging time? How does hospice care work?

Keep reading to learn more about hospice care in a nursing home.

How Hospice Care Works

Most people are familiar with the term hospice care, but may not know what it actually entails. There are many components that makeup hospice care, but it is exclusively used as an end-of-life service. 

People who have a serious illness and are expected to have less than 6 months to live are the demographic for hospice care. The focus is no longer on the treatment but rather on managing the symptoms to create the best quality of life possible at the end. 

The hospice team will provide the proper medical equipment needed to provide the level of care and comfort you are searching for. This is a benefit because you don’t have to invest or pay extra to get the proper items for care. 

Hospice Care in a Nursing Home Is Possible

Hospice care has no physical location and, as a result, they can work with your family in any location. If being at a nursing home is preferred for your loved one, you won’t have to move them anywhere to qualify for care. 

This is especially important if your loved one previously lived with you or does not have a set home to go back to. If the nursing home is where they are comfortable, it is best to keep their final care there. 

Comfort is a high priority during this difficult time and hospice allows everyone involved to be more comfortable in this high-stress situation. Knowing that you have experts working with you every step of the way can help ease your mind and focus on spending time with your loved ones while caring for them.

Benefits of Hospice Care

There are many benefits of hospice care that are important to note if you are considering this as an option for a loved one. No one is properly trained to prepare for the death of someone they love and care about. Hiring professionals that are trained for this tense and delicate time can be the best outcome for everyone involved. 

While our focus will be on the care of your loved one, we offer resources for you as well. Taking part in bereavement counseling can help you prepare for what is to come and potentially handle it better in the aftermath. 

Medicare patients are covered under hospice care and some private insurance companies will cover it as well. Checking with your loved one’s insurance company as you consider this option is a good idea.

Get Help Today

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