5 Benefits of Hospice Care at Home

When you have a loved one who has reached the stage of an illness where their physician is recommending hospice care you have many questions. This is not the outcome you were hoping for and it takes time to accept that hospice is the best choice for both the patient and the surrounding family unit. One of the first questions is where is hospice care given. It is a great relief to many that their loved ones can receive hospice at home. 

When to Call Hospice

It is easy to confuse palliative care with hospice care. Both provide medical, emotional, and personal care for a patient with a serious illness. However, hospice serves a specific need. Hospice is called in when an illness is untreatable and the patient is terminal. The focus turns from curing the disease to making the patient’s remaining days as comfortable as possible. The option is usually brought up by the doctor when they feel additional treatment will not result in a cure. It is a difficult decision but is made with the patient’s best interest in mind. Hospice also offers unique services for the family unit. They guide through the end-of-life process and offer bereavement counseling after their loved one’s passing.

The Benefits of Hospice at Home

Are you resistant to the thought of this transition? It is common to be conflicted in the decision to choose hospice care. It is good to know the benefits. 

Being in a Familiar Place 

No doubt your loved one has spent so much time with doctors, going to procedures, having tests, and maybe even lengthy hospital stays.

When the time comes to transition to hospice comfort care, the patient can go home and be in warm and familiar surroundings. 

Personalized Care

Your loved one’s condition and needs are unique. Their hospice team will develop a personalized plan to cover medical needs, pain management, and nutritional needsMusical therapy is also often used for memory and mood enhancement.

The emotional needs of everyone are a critical component. This is a major life development and the experienced hospice team knows how to navigate these scary times.  

Bereavement Resources

There are still details and questions to answer after the passing of the loved one. 

Part of hospice care is guiding the family through funeral arrangements. They will work with you to honor all of your loved one’s final wishes. 

Who Pays for Hospice?

Another common question is how much is hospice care.

Fortunately, there are resources to help with the expense. Medicaid, Medicare, and even private insurance help with the costs of this service. Check on all available assistance to receive the best coverage. 

The Difficult Choice

There are difficult decisions when a loved one is facing a terminal illness. Their dignity and comfort are your highest priority. 

When you choose hospice at-home care, you are allowing them to live their remaining days surrounded by love. 

Here at Unique Hospice, we believe that hospice is a service and not a place. We are here to provide comfort and support to the patient and their family. Reach out to learn more about our mission.

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